Arch Beach Hotel

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Arch Beach Hotel

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In the 1880’s Laguna was actually two separate villages. When the Arch Beach Hotel was built in1886 at what is now Diamond Street and the Coast Highway, the only access to it was by Aliso Canyon because Bluebird (Hub’s Gulch) and Sleepy Hollow (Nate’s Gulch) were impassable by vehicles. Arch Beach and Laguna Beach each had their own post office. *The First 100 Years in Laguna Beach, Merle and Mabel Ramsey


The brand new “Arch Beach” hotel. * built by Hubbard Goff: 1886

Hubbard Goff built a hotel above the pier site about 1886. In 1887 Goff and his brother Henry laid out a subdivision around the hotel and called it “Arch Beach subdivision” for the arched rock on the shore…the subdivision was unsuccessful. *Trivia: did you know that the Fairview Development Company/ Santa Ana Immigration Association had laid out a town called “Catalina-on-the-Main” just southeast of Arch Rock in 1888? They applied for and received a US Post office but it was never built, as this venture failed shortly thereafter. Also in the early 1900s, what is now the “Woods Cove area” was planned to be developed and called “Seawood” as a seaside resort. The property was owned by Clemma E. Woods.(Were we get “Wood’s Cove” from) The site was surveyed and a tract map filed with the County on February 19, 1907, and they received a Post Office commission, but once again the project never came to
fruition. Had these projects succeeded “Arch Beach”, “Catalina on the Main” & “Seawood” would have all predated “Laguna Beach” as townships by several years. *edited text from the Orange County Historical Archives & the National Archives materials.

Not too long after the hotel opened there was a national bust in real estate and the hotel went under. The owner of the Hotel Laguna bought it a moved it to downtown Laguna and combined the hotels.

It is important to note that this hotel gave the hotel guests the opportunity to see the area as a good one for second homes and beach house, hence, the start of the cottage in the area.

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