Woods Cove is indeed a historical treasure trove.

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Woods Cove is indeed a historical treasure trove.

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It wasn’t George Washington but another president, Woodrow Wilson, who slept at Col. Edward House’s home at Moss Point off South Coast Hwy.

The combined Craftsman-and ‘Cape Cod-style home with the ever present American flag in front, is not easily visible from the highway and is virtually unknown to many local residents. It was built in 1917 by Col. Henry House, whose brother Edward,, also a colonel, was a confidant and adviser to President Wilson.

The placard at the entrance of this promontory calls tis structure the unofficial Western White House:

President Wilson spent time there while touring the West in 1919, seeking support for the League of Nations.

But I also heard it was where President Wilson resided when he had a major stroke, and while the country didn’t know it, his wife and the Col. actually where running the country. Who knows but he wouldn’t be the only one that was sick and didn’t let on to the public ala, Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy.

The house has no designation as a historical site, hence it was not protected when it was threatened with demolition in 1976 to make way for high-rise buildings. The two-acre site and home were purchased by the owners of the adjoining site on the promontory and saved from being razed.

It still proudly there today and another reason Woods Cove is a special place.

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